Contract Manufacturing & Packaging

pharmaceutical powder filler machine

Consider our plant and professionals like your own. With our expertise in bringing quality drugs to market quickly, Chartwell Pharmaceuticals is the ideal partner for contract manufacturing and packaging agreements. Our manufacturing facility has been in operation for over 20 years, and our large volume production capabilities, multi-sourced API strategies, and extended dating programs allow Chartwell to produce larger batches and campaigns, increasing on-hand inventory and reducing potential out- of-stocks.

Worried about import alerts or potential quality issues from working with overseas CMOs? With Chartwell, those concerns are a non-issue. Our manufacturing operations are proudly based in the USA and we boast a spotless 2014 FDA inspection for which no Form 483 was issued, so you can rest easy.

Our partners can have it all: speed, quality, and quantity. That's the advantage of engaging an experienced contract manufacturer with a creative approach to the business. Plus, we're privately held-meaning you're our priority, not stockholders or the market.

Learn more about what Chartwell has to offer by exploring our Facilities, Capabilities, and Equipment. Contact us today to find out how our manufacturing and consulting expertise can accelerate your strategy.

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