capsule production

Chartwell's major production equipment includes:

capsule production process

Gemco and V-Blenders
(Ranging from 1 to 75 cu ft)
Glatt Fluid Bed Granulators / Dryers
(up to 350kg capacity)
Diosna High-Shear Granulation
Low-Shear Granulator (340qt)
computer machinery

Tray Drying Ovens

Roller compaction and powder sizing

Small Mixers and Tanks

Fette E-series and Kikusui double and single-sided tablet presses

All new Bosch Encapsulators
pharmaceutical production machinery

60" Accela Coaters

Per-Fil Powder Filler/ Checkweigher

Metal and Weight Checkers

Packaging line with product containment, fully serialization ready
pharmaceutical production equipment
Our equipment enables a range of key production capabilities including:

  • High-and-low-shear granulation, tray ovens
  • Fluid bed processing — top spray granulation, dew-point control, and drying
  • Roller compaction
  • Tablet compression
  • Aqueous film coating
  • Encapsulation with weight checking
  • HDPE and glass bottle packaging
  • Solid dosage and powder bottle packaging

Chartwell Pharmaceuticals